aus der Reihe «BLICKWINKEL»: der ukrainische Fotograf Sergey Melnitchenko aus der Ukraine zeigt sein Projekt YOUNG AND FREE:

  • I am a free person, because I participate in the full cycle of freedom of action, so to speak. That is, I make decisions, focusing first of all on my true desires and principles, and I take full responsibility for the results of these decisions. 

  • I like freedom in all its manifestations. For most of my life I am looking for and studying this condition. Take off your clothes, for me - this is how to get rid of all social roles, and get close to the present. Life and freedom are your creativity. 

  • I am free of soul and body, since no one will forbid this to me.

  • (с) mixed text of main heroes of the series

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Sergey Melnitchenko