The imagery of Felixmüllers work expresses the coincidental encounters and obliquities of everyday objects. The artist collects motifs like children collect sticks or stones. Different is the hanging, always looking for new ways to show the work, there are always different displays and arrangements of them in each exhibition.
It is the full intention for the process of sorting, exchanging, rejecting, adding and collecting a large pool of seemingly accidental moments to compose a narrative that often holds multiple layers of meaning for the viewer, and thus to cause to resort to past memories and experiences as a result of the images’ juxtaposition. The incentive and aim of this work lies in discovering something amongst the images and their juxtaposition, which is not as such present in the room. References to current tendecies of pop culture are not always intended but always welcome.

For her first solo exhibition in Vienna Felixmüller will show next to new works also parts out of the body of works GLORY DAYS (2014), HOW ARE THINGS (2010) and LOST THINGS (2011). The artist and media theorist studied photography in Leipzig at the Academy of Visual Arts and just finished her PhD in Philosophy on productive mess and chamber of curiosities. 

Find out more: www.mariafelixmueller.com

Stranger Things - Maria L. Felixmüller / 18.1.2017